Become a Cloud Professional with Arcitura Cloud-Based Courses

By : TechnoEdge Learning November 29, 2021

Become a Cloud Professional with Arcitura Cloud-Based Courses
Written by Lindsay McKay

Arcitura’s cloud-based courses are aimed to allow students to become cloud computing professionals using vendor-neutral training. With cloud computing becoming an increasingly popular technology used in large and small businesses alike, it is no wonder that the interest in cloud computing jobs has skyrocketed. A career in cloud computing and means competitive salaries, multiple career paths, a growing industry, and job security. When looking for credentials to get your resume noticed, a vendor-neutral option is a smart way to go. TechnoEdge Learning, a licensed training partner of Arcitura, offers many IT courses that will help you get into the cloud computing industry. Get a complete overview of the Certified Cloud Technology Professional, Certified Cloud Architect, and Certified Cloud Governance Specialist courses below and how to know which one is the best choice for your goals.  

Certified Cloud Technology Professional   

The Certified Cloud Technology Professional course covers the fields of cloud computing technology, mechanisms, platforms, and security. The course includes the first three modules to obtain the Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) designation and enables IT professionals to develop real-world cloud computing proficiency. Module one of this course will cover the fundamentals of cloud computing including, basic terminology and concepts; characteristics that define a cloud; public, private and hybrid clouds; understanding Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS); the benefits, challenges, and risks of cloud computing; and much more. While module two will cover cloud technology concepts including: 

  • Virtual servers, containers, ready-made environments, failover systems & pay-per-use monitors 
  • Common risks, threats and vulnerabilities of cloud-based services & cloud-hosted solutions 
  • Cloud service implementation mediums (including web services and REST services) 
  • Service grids and autonomic computing 
  • Introduction to containerization, container hosting & logical pod containers 

Before you take on the Cloud Technology Professional Combined Certification Exam (C90.CTP), the course ends with a Cloud Technology Lab module full of exercises and problems designed to test your knowledge of topics and concepts covered in the courses and if you can apply them to solve real-world problems. This module will both highlight areas that require further attention and help prove what concepts you are proficient in.  

Certified Cloud Architect 

The Certified Cloud Architect course provides the fundamentals and cloud computing technology concepts of the Cloud Technology Professional course, but once the conceptual components are covered, the course gets even more technical and drills down on the inner workings and mechanics of cloud computing platforms. This course contains modules one, two, four, five, and six to obtain the Certified Cloud Architect accreditation once you pass the C90.CAR Exam. Module four will cover the basics of cloud architecture including, automated administration and centralized remote administration; rich containers and logical pod containers; single-node multi-containers and multipath resource access; workload distribution and dynamic scalability; and much more. While module five will cover more advanced cloud architecture including: 

  • Understanding the technology architecture of elastic, resilient, multitenant and containerized environments 
  • Multi-container isolation control and volatile container configuration 
  • Intra-storage device vertical tiering and cross-storage device vertical tiering 
  • LUN storage and LUN migration 
  • Cloud balancing and redundant physical connection for virtual servers 

This course also concludes with a lab module that contains exercises and problems pertaining to module four and module five. Completing this lab will help highlight areas that require further attention and will further prove hands-on proficiency in cloud computing design patterns, technology architecture layers, mechanisms, industry technologies and practices as they are applied and combined to solve real-world problems. 

Certified Cloud Governance Specialist 

Just like the previous two courses, the Certified Cloud Governance Specialist course covers fundamentals and cloud computing technology concepts and then delves into cloud governance fundamentals and advanced concepts. This course contains modules one, two, 10, 11 and 12 providing you the materials to attain the Cloud Governance Combined Certification (C90.CGO) and covers five of the 18 modules required to obtain the CCP (Cloud Certified Professional) designation. Module 10 will cover fundamental cloud governance including, the cloud governance lifecycle; cloud governance types; understanding cloud governance programs, models, and controls; tools and technology; defining cloud maturity and adoption; and much more. While module 11 will cover advanced cloud governance including: 

  • Defined cloud service domains, organizational alignment and standardized funding model, tenant isolation 
  • Cloud service review, SLA matching, cloud service standardization, cloud service policy validation 
  • Cloud data security assessment, licensing and tenant isolation assessments, historical log collection 
  • Cloud service certification review, maintenance review, and deployment standards 

This course also concludes with a lab module that contains exercises and problems pertaining to module 10 and module 11. Completing this lab will help highlight areas that require further attention and will further prove hands-on proficiency in the application of cloud governance framework components, models, precepts and processes. 

Deciding Between the Courses 

While all the courses cover the fundamentals and cloud computing technology, the rest of each of the courses provides vastly different information and depending on where you start and what your end goal is, one course may be a better option over another. If you are starting out or in a more non-IT decision-making role, the Certified Cloud Technology Professional is either the only cloud-based course you need or a great starting off point. If you are in a cloud-based career and know you want to be involved in the designing, implementation, and maintenance of cloud-based technologies or want to prove you mastered the hands-on application of those skills, the Certified Cloud Architect would be a good option. And lastly, if you are in the position where you oversee the cloud developer team and ensure legal and technical requirements are being followed, the Certified Cloud Governance Specialist will demonstrate you have these skills and are using cloud technology resources in a legal and correct way to match business goals and governance requirements. 

No matter what IT training courses you decide to take, TechnoEdge Learning has got you covered with CompTIA courses, Arcitura courses, and PECB courses.



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