How to Succeed in Cybersecurity Without Really Trying

By : TechnoEdge Learning November 18, 2021

How to Succeed in Cybersecurity Without Really Trying
Written by CJ McGillivray

Did you know that you can succeed in cybersecurity without really trying? Okay, that statement is obviously false. You will certainly need to try because cybersecurity demands focus and investment. But being good at your job is not about working harder or clocking longer hours than the people around you. It is about getting creative and coming up with clever solutions. Hiring managers are looking for qualified, reliable people who can also be flexible and creative on the job. Read on for a quick breakdown of the main qualities employers are looking for and how you can cultivate these strengths to land your dream job. 


Are you willing to set your eyes on a career goal and relentlessly pursue it, overcoming obstacles and brainstorming solutions as needed? Your determination can make a huge difference to your success in cybersecurity industry. Determination is not above pulling longer hours or working yourself to the bone, it simply means having your eyes on the prize and prioritizing your career growth. Employers take notice of determination  


How does ingenuity and creative thinking making a difference in the workplace? When you are able to think outside of the box, you can come up with interesting and atypical solutions that will save your company time and money. Ingenuity is the quintessence of working smarter, not harder. Your solutions may be less obvious than traditional ones, but that is a good thing. 

You can also bring ingenuity into the learning process. Instead of clenching your fists and doing things the hard way, look for unexpected ideas and tools to make your efforts go that much further. Before you sign up for a cybersecurity course, check out this list of useful productivity apps to fundamentally change how you study. You can also browse through this list of top cybersecurity podcasts and have a listen to your favourites. Podcasts are a less conventional way of learning and they open up a world of opportunities for passive learning and making better use of your time. 


Cybersecurity obviously requires work, but you can absolutely succeed in the industry without investing four years of your life working towards an outdated degree. Online cybersecurity certifications are increasingly popular and desirable for employers. Hiring managers look for current, relevant education which demonstrates your ongoing commitment to learning and staying informed. 

Why do employers and hiring managers please such a major emphasis on education? Companies need cybersecurity professionals they can trust, and your education demonstrates that you have knowledge, training and insight to do the job right. Continuing education is also a time investment which demonstrates your dedication and prioritization. Be sure to look for quality cybersecurity courses with accessible and proven delivery methods. TechnoEdge Learning offers a variety of competitive and valuable courses including foundational CompTIA A+ certification, highly practical Network+ certification training and robust Security+ certification training. However you measure success, you can absolutely achieve great things in cybersecurity without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. Focus instead on quality education and before you know it, you will find the success you are looking for. 



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