Job Opportunities After You Get A+ Certification

By : TechnoEdge Learning August 24, 2021

Job Opportunities After You Get A+ Certification
Written by: Lindsay McKay

If you are in the IT industry or looking to get into the industry, you have most likely heard about A+ certification and the benefits this entry-level certification has for jump-starting your IT career. According to a study by CompTIA, 92% of employers said that IT certified individuals receive higher starting salaries than those without IT certifications and that certifications make a great first impression. Let's have a look at all the different job opportunities you have and what each role entails.  

Help Desk Technician 

A great entry-level position to gain some hands-on experience is a help desk technician. This role is vital to an efficiently run IT department and provides technical assistance for hardware, software, and computer systems. Some core responsibilities include:  

  • Replying to customers’ emails, chats, and inquiries over the phone  
  • Troubleshooting and technical advice  
  • Gathering feedback and identifying areas of improvement  
  • Diagnosing and solving computer issues  
  • Installing and training end-users in new technologies  
  • Backing up and restoring files  
  • And anything else that has to do with IT support, maintenance, and creating solutions  

In this role, you will need strong communication skills as you are dealing with clients all day long. As per Payscale, the average yearly salary in Canada for a help desk technician is $42,640 yearly and $41, 815 yearly in the United States. 

Data Support Technician  

A great role to move up to from help desk technician is a data support technician, be aware that some companies will want you to have a computer science degree plus A+ certification to do this role. A data support technician is responsible for handling the company’s data management systems and is integral in a data-driven organization. Some core responsibilities include:  

  • Supporting and maintaining all databases and supporting data analysis teams in projects  
  • Delivering comprehensive data analysis  
  • Identifying and accelerating priority issues per business requirements  
  • Data visualization using tools for an enhanced approach  
  • Troubleshooting remotely using analytical practices  
  • Diagnosing hardware and software issues  
  • Accurately process and record sustenance tickets using a computer and designated tracking software system  

This role requires ongoing training in Security+ certification or Server+ certification. As per PayScale, the average yearly salary in Canada for a data support technician is $49,627 yearly and $44,359 yearly in the United States.   

Field Service Technician 

One of the best roles you can get with CompTIA A+ certification is a field service technician or network technician. A field service technician is responsible for providing on-site end-user assistance, maintenance, programming, installation, and more. This line of work requires you to be constantly on the move, and you would need to be comfortable being on your feet and running around to different sites all day long. Some core responsibilities include:  

  • Providing network services and conducting equipment tests  
  • Delivering on-site technical assistance in installing and configuring new hardware and software  
  • Identifying and resolving any technical issues on-site  
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting data networks  
  • Providing support for all customer programs and repairing connectors and data wiring  
  • Writing and maintaining documentation of all field service work  
  • Maintaining customer relations and a positive rapport   

This role requires ongoing training with Network+ certification and other IT or cybersecurity courses that teach up-to-date information on data networks, data analytics, and diagnostics to stay current and knowledgeable to provide the best service to your clients. As per PayScale, the average yearly salary in Canada for a field service technician is $52,567 and $51,935 in the United States.   

Technical Support Specialist 

A sought-after job for A+ certified professionals that is also in high demand across all industries is a technical support specialist. As a technical support specialist, your role is to provide maintenance for all hardware and computer systems. Depending on the size of the organization, the work may be span across several domains. Some core responsibilities include:  

  • Managing all operating end-user software including JavaScript – updating/installing Java  
  • Administering desktop support for all staff and customers  
  • Deploying security checks on all systems in the organization  
  • Health-checking all systems and replacing damaged parts  
  • Creating reports on the status of hardware and software  
  • Deploying and troubleshooting complex software installations in Microsoft and Linux environments.  
  • Learning new updates to configure and install new technologies  

Some roles do overlap with help desk technicians, but a technical support specialist focuses on technical issues and does not provide any training or general advice that a help desk technician would. As per PayScale, the average yearly salary in Canada for a technical support specialist is $50,787 and $52,478 in the United States.    

Looking Towards the Future 

All these exciting roles are a perfect stepping stone towards a career in cybersecurity if that is something that interests you. With ongoing training, your possibilities are endless! From PenTest+ certification to CySA+ certification, never stop learning and exploring.  

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