Arcitura signs a partnership agreement with TechnoEdge Learning

By : TechnoEdge Learning September 14, 2021

Arcitura signs a partnership agreement with TechnoEdge Learning

September, 2021 – Arcitura Education, a leading global provider of progressive, vendor-neutral training and certification programs has signed a partnership agreement with TechnoEdge Learning to expand its delivery in North America Based on the agreement, TechnoEdge Learning will begin to provide services related to IT training services.

Arcitura has been supporting the educational development and certification of IT professionals for over a decade and in over 70 countries, across all types of industries, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and international government agencies. Arcitura’s portfolio encompasses over 60 courses and 30 certifications that cover contemporary fields of practice, including Cloud Computing, DevOps, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things, Big Data, Service-Oriented Architecture and Containerization. TechnoEdge Learning will provide delivery for courses in high demand, utilizing authorized curriculum to help students prepare for the certification exams that are available worldwide via Pearson Vue.

TechnoEdge Learning delivers live online, industry-recognized boot-camp courses and on-demand courses to provide IT experts the skills and flexibility they need to prepare to pass certification exams and bring their knowledge into application during their everyday work. Their educational courses provide companies and individuals with the ability to upskill for the future, without affecting progress, therefore allowing the business to thrive. In partnering with Arcitura, TechnoEdge Learning is expanding its training options to include additional courses in cloud technology, digital transformation, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning and data science.

About Arcitura

Arcitura Education is a leading global provider of progressive, vendor-neutral training and certification programs. With a worldwide network of certified trainers, training partners and testing centers, Arcitura accreditation programs have become internationally established.

Arcitura uses a formal approach to develop courses, exams and other forms of training resources. This approach is based on a set of specific characteristics that ensure a baseline commitment to excellence with all training and certification deliverables produced by Arcitura. These fundamental characteristics involve the use of consistent content, which is original and presented in a modular format. This content is based on the use of vendor neutral curriculum, preparing learners for the various software and hardware that they will use in real life.Specifically, Arcitura does not represent or resell any commercial vendor products, nor does it benefit from any sales referrals or recommendations to commercial product vendors, resulting in training curriculum that is developed with the learner in mind.

About TechnoEdge Learning

TechnoEdge Learning delivers online, industry-recognized education to ensure IT experts have the skills they need to pass certification exams and progress further in their careers. Not only are their training programs delivered by the best instructors in IT and cybersecurity, but they are also part of an education group that has more than 20 years of experience offering high-calibre education programs both online and in person. Certifications offered through TechnoEdge are provided in partnership with regulators that are recognized in IT, cybersecurity and information management. As an Authorized Training Partner, their certification exam prep courses are the best available globally. The organization invites all aspiring and established IT professionals to register for their upcoming courses. Individuals can prepare for their exams, earn certification, and validate their skill sets.

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