“CompTIA certifications buffed up my resume and landed me a great job. Not only did I gain knowledge in the field, I gained confidence and strategies for success in my career.” – Tedley Meralus, information technology support specialist, GeoGlobal Partners, LLC


“CompTIA certifications have not only boosted my salary but have allowed me to progressively advance in my career as an IT professional.” – Robert Kosydar, server systems administrator, U.S. Department of Defense


“An InfoSec certification is like a driver’s license. How can you trust a driver who does not have a license?” he said. “Although I had a degree, I realized that the best way to help me get hired was to earn Security+ to prove people that I can do the job.” – Jean-Pierre Nzabahimana


“I’ve seen it first-hand,” Guerin said. “If you don’t have certs, you’re not going to be up to par with everyone else. You look at degrees hanging on the wall and you see CompTIA Security+. You see CompTIA Network+. It’s these certifications that are getting people jobs.” – Chad Guerin


“When you go out and look at some of the jobs in cybersecurity, everybody asks for it,” Deegan said. “That’s sort of the minimum that you must have. Every cybersecurity job mentions CompTIA Security+ as one of the certifications they will take.” – Michael Deegan


“The benefit of getting certified is the education you get preparing for the certification,” Phillips said. “It’s the respect you get from the people who realize you went above and beyond what you had to just to do your job. It shows that you are interested in what you do to the point that you want to do more and set goals for yourself and reach those goals.” – Tony Phillips


“Passing CompTIA's trifecta of certifications (A+, Network+, and Security+) brought my IT career to a whole new level. As a CompTIA Certified Secure Infrastructure Specialist (CSIS) working as a Product Marketing Manager for a cybersecurity solutions provider, I am now in a better position to help organizations securely transform their businesses. People value my inputs on IT operations and cybersecurity because I have the credentials to back me up. CompTIA helped me become a thought leader and influencer in my growing circle.” –Ivan Jude


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