Understanding Network Security, Cloud Security and Application Security

By : TechnoEdge Learning November 5, 2021

Written by CJ McGillivray

If you run your own business or are planning on doing so in the future, you need to stay current with the latest trends in the world of cybersecurity. But how should you go about building your foundation in cybersecurity? Where should you start and what aspects should you focus on so you can make more informed decisions as a business leader? Read on to learn about the three most common types of cybersecurity and the many education options available to help you and your team stay on top of things. 

Building Your Foundation 

Start at the beginning and ask yourself, what are the most common types of cybersecurity? Where should you be focusing your effort and learning capacity? The three major avenues that you should be familiar with are network security, cloud security and application security. Here is a succinct breakdown of each type along with recommendations for furthering your education: 

  • Network Security: Computer networks are vulnerable to cybercrime because they typically house confidential corporate data, client information and proprietary content. Network security professionals work hard to defend the integrity of these systems and ensure proper security measures are being taken at all times. Your or your staff can expand their knowledge of network security by signing up for cybersecurity certifications such as the CompTIA Network+ certification training course. 
  • Cloud Security: These days everything is in the cloud, so we better get used to accounting for robust security measures. Cloud computing is quite simply storing corporate data and content online, uploaded to the internet as opposed to an individual server or network for your organization. Employees can boost their knowledge of cloud security best practices and principles through online courses such as CompTIA Cloud+ or CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certification training. 
  • Application Security: Implementing secure software development and usage is obviously of great importance for organizations and individuals who are in the business of creating and selling software. Modern phone and web applications are more complex than ever, so the best course of action is to equip your team with ongoing cybersecurity training and professional development opportunities. 

Cybersecurity Resources 

Cyber security is a dynamic and evolving field. That means the wealth of resources and knowledge at your fingertips is always expanding. To give yourself added knowledge and to increase your confidence in the workforce, check out these additional cyber security resources and reference blogs: 

There will of course be differences between your cybersecurity expectations and reality, but you can still prepare yourself for the unexpected by cultivating a curious mind and desire for ongoing learning and continuing education. Whether you are a dedicated employee or run your own business, there is no doubt that cybersecurity should be at the forefront of your mind. 


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