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TechnoEdge Learning is a member of the Ashton Education network which together with its members has over 20 years of experience in the educational sector and is a leader in Canada in delivering opportunities for quality education, testing and research to improve lives now and in the future.

The internet has changed many aspects of the modern world, including the ways in which criminals operate. Digital security breaches are a regular occurrence, and companies concerned about keeping their data secure are turning to cybersecurity specialists for help. The average cost of a data breach in Canada is estimated at USD 4.44 million* and cybersecurity jobs are increasing in necessity as a result.

There has never been a greater need for IT experts to branch into cybersecurity and correspondingly, there is a significant demand for world-class training to give cybersecurity professionals the essential tools to take on the challenges with confidence and make a difference immediately. TechnoEdge Learning delivers the cybersecurity training that experts need and helps them advance in their careers.

Your Future, Our Unmatched Programming

At TechnoEdge Learning, we deliver online, industry-recognized education through self-paced online courses to ensure IT experts have the skills they need to pass certification exams and progress further in their careers. Not only are our training programs delivered by the best instructors in the cybersecurity field, but we are also part of an education group that has more than 20 years of experience offering high caliber education programs both online and in person.

Certifications offered through TechnoEdge are provided in partnership with regulators that are recognized in the IT world. As an Authorized Training Partner, our prep courses are the best available globally.

Achieve Certification Faster

Not everyone wants to be a full-time student and businesses want the most up to date training for their teams without disruption to their workforce. We give students the information they need to hit the ground running in cybersecurity. That’s why the TechnoEdge offers self-paced online learning options providing flexibility to ensure anyone who wants to move into a career in cybersecurity, or advance in their current role, can do so without having to concern themselves with taking excessive time off from work or getting bogged down with irrelevant information. We believe in providing the specific necessary skills quickly so that students can get on with their careers.

*IBM Security, Cost of a Data Breach 2019 report

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