Expected Tech Trends for 2021

By : TechnoEdge Learning January 6, 2021

The New Year is upon us and the year is not the only thing that is going to be new. Developments and trends in tech are constantly progressing and changing and they will continue to do so in 2021. Staying relevant in the tech field means staying on top of these developments and so, we are going to take a look at what some of the expected tech trends for 2021 are, and how you can be a part of them.

The Digital Workplace

2020 made remote work the norm for many industries and 2021 will see us continuing to adapt to working exclusively in the digital space. As new problems and issues arise from a primarily digital workplace, the demand for tech professionals to address those problems will increase. Companies are largely concerned with maintaining productivity, establishing and building professional relationships, continuing professional development and upskilling, and preventing stagnation.

2021 will be a time for reinventing the modern workplace through technology.  Tech professionals will be put to work finding new ways to enhance the positive aspects of the digital workplace, while also developing solutions for common problems that arise in the new workplace.


According to reports from INTERPOL, COVID-19 has changed not only the way we do business, but the way cybercriminals act. 2020 has seen an increase in cybercrime and a shift in who is targeted by these crimes. Individuals and small businesses used to be the main target for cybercrimes, but in the past year, major corporations and government entities have been targeted much more frequently.

Despite a rise in cybercrime, a 2020 study by Bain & Company has revealed that most companies still overestimate the performance of their cybersecurity measures. The study suggests that only 24% of businesses have acceptable cybersecurity measures in place. Bain notes that hackers’ primary targets in 2020 were systems that managed authentication rights and network access. If a hacker manages to break into these systems, they can access a great deal of high-value information and take control of critical assets.

In order to counteract the rise in cybercrime, companies need to reassess and remodel their cybersecurity strategies. 2021 should see more organizations prioritizing cybersecurity and looking to professionals who can effectively address their cybersecurity needs. The demand for cybersecurity has grown throughout 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down for 2021.


With an increased demand for cybersecurity professionals, employers need to be able to verify that the employees they hire have the proper skill set. Under these circumstances, the value of cybersecurity certifications is higher than ever before. Tech professionals with a CompTIA Security + certification, CompTIA CySA+ certification, CISSP certification, or ethical hacking certification will continue to have a leg up in the job market compared to their uncertified peers. Certifications not only serve as proof of your skills, but they also allow you to keep your skillset up to date by connecting you to a network of your certified peers.

If you do not have your certifications, then now is the best time to get started. One of the best ways to move closer to your certification is by enrolling in courses from accredited education providers. Taking exam prep courses, like the ones offered at TechnoEdge Learning, can help you study for your certification exams and move closer to getting certified.

Preparing for 2021

2021 promises to be another exciting year for the tech industry. Cybersecurity will continue to play a large role in 2021, and you can easily move ahead in the cybersecurity field with the proper training. Register now for an ethical hacking course, or any other cybersecurity course at TechnoEdge Learning and take your career to the next level in 2021.

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