Sourabh Aggarwal
Sourabh Aggarwal

Sourabh Aggarwal is a cybersecurity and information technology professional based in Vancouver, British Columbia, focusing on cybersecurity, business management, and entrepreneurship. He serves as 
an instructor at the TechnoEdge Learning – a part of Ashton Education and at other top British Columbia private career colleges. 

He holds a Bachelor´s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a Master´s degree from a Vancouver based university where his major focused on cybersecurity and forensic administration and minor focused on project management, business management, organizational behavior, ethics, and public values. 
Mr. Aggarwal decided to pursue good over evil, launching his information security career in 2013 with ASPRzeaL Informatics. Since then, he has worked at numerous organizations as a security and business consultant. Through his experience as a cybersecurity professional, Sourabh Aggarwal worked as a security analyst for Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.  

One of Sourabh’s favorite student interactions was working with a non-technical student who never let his technical challenges hold him back from achieving great things. He’s found that his most successful students in the classroom are “those who push themselves to initiate the learning process, then convert it into the life-changing experience and accomplish new goals with my support.” 
Sourabh Aggarwal runs websites and manages digital security for multiple corporate and educational organizations on a volunteer and contract basis. 
In his free time, Sourabh loves to travel and takes full advantage of the unique destinations his career takes him. He spends much of his time playing chess and table tennis, running, walking, meditating and 
generating ideas to make education more creative. Sourabh Aggarwal loves to visit remote areas to feel the Mother Earth beauty more closely, about as far away from a Wi-Fi signal as you can get! 

Sourabh Aggarwal

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