Get Hired By Your Dream Employer with CompTIA Network+ Certification

By : TechnoEdge Learning March 25, 2021

Every employer wants educated and skilled employees who can jump into a job and excel both efficiently and effectively. After all, a competent, motivated workforce moves companies towards bigger profits, enviable brands, and overall growth. And when it comes to the computer system side of a business, knowing that people have the background and skills to make a difference from their first day the job is essential.

You have identified your dream employer, but what is the tool that will get you in the door towards that job of Network Administrator, Systems Engineer or Help Desk Technician? In many cases, a CompTIA Network+ Certification will help you gain the attention you need to secure an interview and potentially land the job.

Why a CompTIA Network+ Certification

Among all the tech certifications available, the CompTIA Network+ Certification proves your knowledge and abilities in a wide range of areas including network design, implementation, maintenance, structure analysis, security and more. As businesses move towards an increasingly decentralized workforce (even prior to COVID), they rely on their network and the team that supports that network to ensure day-to-day tasks continue seamlessly, without a second thought for the technology behind them.

Simply put, executives in the C-suite do not want to think about their computers and they certainly do not want to think about problems their teams are having with their computers. Other than those in the IS and IT fields, no one in an organization should have to consider their devices beyond the work they do on them.

With a CompTIA Network+ Certification, you prove to potential (and existing) employers that you have the skills and expertise to not only correct network issues as they arise, but to also identify problem areas and risks before they turn into annoyances and complications. The training that supports your CompTIA Network+ Certification gives you the ability to keep an organization running smoothly, therefore, saving it time and money.

Seeing into the Future

The phrase “no one has a crystal ball” is often tossed around, but CompTIA Network+ training does provide an ability to investigate the future by determining potential rough patches in an organization’s network. Because the training covers areas like switches, routers, configurations, storage, and devices, you will be able to review the existing network structure and make recommendations as to how it could work better. This

provides the “crystal ball” aspect because by identifying problem areas, you will be able to prevent the challenges and network security breaches that could have arisen.

Those security risks are growing more and more common in today’s wired environment, so having all IT and IS team members aware and watchful helps a company see what might be coming at them. It is this diligence around risk assessment and knowing some of the most common attack areas that you will be able to take from a CompTIA Network+ training and apply directly into the work environment.

Are All Companies Tech-Savvy Enough to Understand?

It is true, some smaller companies may not be in touch with the tech industry enough to know and appreciate what a CompTIA Network+ Certification brings to the table. However, the majority do and will be looking for that level of credential on your resume.

For those companies that are smaller and may not know the value of your education, it will be up to you to ensure your resume is the best possible fit for the role the company needs to fill. Then, when you secure an interview, you can talk your way into the job by sharing how valuable that training is to keep the operation safe, secure, and productive now and into the future.

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