Get Hands-On in Tech with Robotics, Machine Learning, Python and More

By : TechnoEdge Learning April 14, 2021

People often choose a career in technology because they want to work on things that help improve the world: solving problems, creating beneficial outcomes and making life a little easier. A big return for those working in these careers is that they can witness the positives they have created.

Imagine applying the learning from a robotics course in a practical way to create an affordable robot that chops vegetables while a busy home-cook makes dinner. Or maybe you will take a machine learning course that will lead to the development of an artificial intelligence masseuse that dynamically responds to a patient’s stiff muscles through machine learning.

While observing the actual creation of devices like these would be motivating, it is only part of the thrill of working on such a project. Seeing that device in action, making lives better and tasks easier, can be a huge rush of joy and excitement for those who are in hands-on tech careers.

Being hands-on does not always mean the creation of robots or electronics mind you. Sometimes, a hands-on career in beneficial technology includes programming, like that learned through a Python certification course; or the management of a cloud computing service like that in Azure certification training.

Finding the Right Fit

Education providers like Ashton College have been providing continuing education courses for several years and know how to deliver complex topics like technology in a way that is accessible and makes learning fun. Plus, because continuing education courses are shorter than traditional programs, they are “bite-sized” for students who need flexibility in their learning. Students in these types of courses are better able to budget for their education, allocate time and ensure they have the focus needed because the courses are offered one at a time through a live webinar each week using Ashton’s Live Online tool.

It takes an understanding of what excites and inspires you to know where to start, but sometimes diving into something you aren’t familiar with can be fulfilling as well. The ability to gain an education in tech through your own computer allows you to try new things to explore what you enjoy, and are good at, without the hassles of commuting to a campus.

For example, someone who has explored Python Learning on their own might take the Python for beginners course. While they enjoyed the process of learning and are glad for the experience, they might decide they don’t want to pursue the advanced course.

Alternatively, an individual may have taken the course that leads to AWS certification on a whim. They find that they really enjoy the world of cloud computing and decide to continue their learning in Amazon Web Services and add this skill set to their career.

Fortunately, as the world of tech continues to grow and become more integrated, elements of one course can often be helpful to a career that isn’t even in the same field of study. This is part of the reason why many people in tech careers have multiple certifications– they are continuing to expand their range of information.

Education is a Career Builder

For those looking to break into a tech career or take on different roles within the industry, taking courses that lead to certification can be exactly the right step. Many individuals who work in more of an assistant’s role in technology were able to advance their career and become more hands-on by adding a certification in an area they enjoy. Others, who enjoy the diversity found in technology, have been able to expand their career scope by doing the same.

Employers are constantly looking for individuals who are willing to invest in their own advancement. Not only does it prove skills and experience, but it also demonstrates focus and dedication, which are key attributes of any great employee.

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