The Benefits of Certified Ethical Hacking Course

By : techNoEdge January 16, 2020

Ethical Hacking Course


The majority of people have either been “hacked” or know someone else who has been. It is unnerving and even devastating for the victims of such evil acts. Not all hackers are cybercriminals though and not all hacking is illegal. Much of the hacking done today is not only legal but also necessary for the betterment of humankind.

In Canada, the Criminal Code considers hacking, or the aiding and abetting of others to hack, to be an act of “mischief” and punishable of up to 10 years in jail. In learning how to ethically hack you will be part of a world-wide innovative team practically deterring cybercrime.

In a fast-growing field, one which requires an increase of talent in the field of cybersecurity, you will learn innovative practices for preventing the destruction of data, interruption of computer system securities, websites and digital networks while practicing reverse psychology techniques to counter the mindset of malicious attackers.

Computer crimes are not limited to your own homeland and cybercrime conversation is not limited to computer programmers. Cybersecurity has great importance to all people and businesses so much so that in October 2017, Public Safety Canada deemed October to be Cyber Security Awareness Month. While theories of information warfare may be circulated in Washington, D.C. conferences, in most places you travel you will hear conversations about how to limit your personal and business exposure.

As part of a new generation of ethical hackers, your desire to learn offensive security, and stake a claim as an expert in your field of study, will not only set you apart in Canada but will also open opportunities for you globally. Whether you desire to work in the banking industry to prevent customers from having their financial records compromised, opt to work for government creating policy, academia teaching others about cybersecurity risks or begin your own agency offering services to others, you too may find yourself taking the place of and becoming the next John Austen – Head of Crime Unit, New Scotland Yard. You have the opportunity to create and make a safer cyber environment for all.

Things to Prevent

Today, with increased technology, there are limitless possibilities for hardships. It's in human nature that there will always be someone who wishes to push the limits of either good or evil; however, as a well-educated and expertly trained individual, you will be part of an initiative that will curb their appetite and help block their trouble making.

“Hacking has evolved from teenage mischief into a billion-dollar growth business.” Knowing how to prevent Botnets, Browser hijacks, Ransomware, Trojans, Viruses, and Worms, to name a few, will place you in the enviable position of having the cutting edge knowledge to assert yourself in organizations, businesses, the military and other fields of loss prevention.

Catapulting Yourself: How and Where you Work

Being a Certified Ethical Hacker will afford you the luxury of working remotely or working in-house for a big bank. Whether you are in a home office, travel to exotic workplaces or have a designated office on a job site, you will have the opportunity to experience remuneration commensurate with the ever-increasing demands for scrutinizing the evil deeds of the Black Hat community.

What does Compensation Look Like for Hackers?

Depending on your education level, work experience, geographic location and desired field of work, opportunities and salaries are limitless. Presently, the average salary for ethical hackers is $76K with higher salary ranges for IT security architects.

At the end of the day, most folks want to be compensated for a job well done. In the case of ethical hacking, there are a couple more built-in bi-products: loving what you do and curtailing the deeds of evildoers.

Wear the White Hat

If you are an ethical and creative problem solver in search of great learning, desire to be part of an exclusive knowledge experts club and wish to pledge the infamous Hacker Manifesto than you are someone who will be called upon for years to come to advise and consult, solve mysteries and prevent potential crimes. There is no time like the present to get on the bandwagon and posse up to ride into the sunset with a team of cutting edge cybercrime preventers. Get out the tape measure and gauge your head for your Smithbilt. You will be fitted for a lifetime of adventure in the new cyber Wild West.

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