The Best Cloud Computing Certification

By : techNoEdge February 25, 2020

Cloud Computing Certification

“You can find it on the cloud,” “Our software is cloud-based,” “I’ve uploaded pictures to the cloud.” Statements like these have been part of our culture for a few years and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. It’s one of the reasons why jobs in cloud computing are growing and expanding constantly – the cloud is part of our day to day life. This growth in the job field often leads to the question of how can a person get into it and become a cloud computing expert.

The attraction to the career is natural. Many individuals excel at and enjoy the IT field and know that the growth in cloud computing makes it a logical additional subject to add to their resume to ensure ongoing job stability, whether they want to specialize in the cloud or not. Additionally, because the role of cloud computing experts is so new and so necessary, there aren’t many standards in place, only the knowledge of need.

By obtaining a cloud computing certification (or two or three) and combining it with a solid IT background, it’s relatively easy to get into the field and prove yourself. Another positive aspect that is growing this job market is that cloud computing experts can generally command quite a healthy salary. US standards peg annual salaries at an average of $93,000 with cloud system administrators earning about $73,000 and cloud architects earning about $135,000 according to the website Burning Glass Technologies. Job descriptions tend to vary by organization and market segment, as do the job requirements, but those with certifications like the CCSP certification move ahead of others who have similar experience without this, or similar certification.

What is the CCSP Certification and Why You Need it

The CCSP certification is the Certified Cloud Security Professional certification offered by (ISC)2 and allows those who achieve certification to become a member of (ISC)2 along with like-minded IS professionals from around the world. This certification isn’t restricted to certain vendor-based platforms, nor is it specific to definitive jobs or careers. It is applicable to any role that has a need for cloud security knowledge. This may include a cloud computing expert, a security professional or a network leader.

Vendor-neutral certifications like the CCSP certification are growing in importance because they prove knowledge in a range of areas involving various partners and platforms. This allows an individual to work in just about any environment without the need for ramp-up times to get to know the organization’s systems and structures. Additionally, as an organization adds new tools and systems, the learning curve is minimized because the team’s cloud computing expert is able to adapt quickly.

Taking a CCSP certification prep course will expose you to topics and knowledge around cloud model competency, infrastructure, security, virtualization, resource management and business continuity. These topics are inclusive in organizations meaning that they fall into just about all business areas and require someone who is able to understand the cloud computing needs and uses within various business departments. With adequate certification, a cloud computing expert has already proven their ability to accommodate various needs within a strong, solid and robust cloud infrastructure.

The CCSP certification is based on several learning points include the illustration and application of the six security domains of architectural concepts and design requirements, cloud data security, cloud platform infrastructure security, cloud application security, operations and legal and compliance.

Anyone who wants to learn cloud computing skills and be able to add that knowledge to their resume will benefit from a CCSP certification prep course that will help them take and pass the certification exam and become one of the most needed experts in the field. Additionally, because the CCSP certification is beneficial to a range of security professionals, students of a prep course can expect to interact with individuals in a number of job types, which will enrich the educational experience. For these reasons, we believe that the CCSP is the best cloud computing certification available on the market today.

However, that being said, things change and there is a number of other cloud computing certifications available.

Other Cloud Computing Certification Options

Cisco Systems offers two vendor-specific cloud-based courses with exams and if passed, candidates earn the associated credentials. The first, The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is more of an entry-level or introductory credential that proves the ability to support Cisco’s cloud-based solutions. The second, the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) is, therefore, more advanced and suited to validate skills of a range of IT professionals working in IT environments. This might include designers, architects, administrators, engineers and others. Those looking to achieve this certification will have significant experience with Cisco cloud-based technologies.

Another vendor-specific certification is the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect – Professional. This certification builds on the obvious popularity of the Amazon cloud platform and helps professionals protect infrastructures from DDoS attacks while also showing how to implement encryption, manage multiple accounts and move large amounts of data. It’s for professionals who have had a couple of years or more building AWS environments.

There is also a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification which helps solidify abilities to create scalable cloud solutions on the Microsoft platform. This is a cloud architect certification at an expert’s level, so previous experience and education is required.

There is another non-vendor and non-role specific cloud certification – the CompTIA Cloud+ certification. This is an introductory certificate for those who have just a couple of years working with data centres. Those who want to prove their knowledge in virtual data centre management and infrastructure will do well with the CompTIA Cloud+ offering and prep courses to help prepare for the exam and subsequent certification.

If you are interested in moving into the role of a cloud computing expert, there are a range of options to get there that will add to your existing IT experience and credentials. Taking a non-vendor prep-course for the CCSP certification will help you earn your certification faster.

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