Top 10 Qualities Employers want in a Cybersecurity professional

By : techNoEdge March 2, 2020

cyber security professional

Thinking about getting your CompTIA security+ certification? If you are ready to step up in your cybersecurity career, you need to know what employers are looking for in a cybersecurity professional.

In an increasingly digital world, companies need to know you have been professionally trained, so the CompTIA security+ certification gives them the confidence to advance you in your career. Regardless if you are entering the profession or further along, employers expect this certification to prove your expertise.

The CompTIA security+ course provides a foundation for more specialized training and certifications as you continue to advance in your career. Once you’ve gotten your certification though, what are the other qualities that employers are looking for?

#1 Lifelong Learner

Continuous learning and innovation drive advancements in the cybersecurity landscape. A natural willingness to look at risk exposure and security solutions in new ways guards organizations against complacency.

Top professionals are expected to stay up to date with their cybersecurity education in order to stay a step ahead of threats. About 70% of organizations require their applicants to have a cyber-security certification. Taking a CompTIA security+ course is a first step to meeting the ongoing need for education in this challenging profession.

#2 Discipline and Focus

With the cost of Cyber-crime on the rise in the corporate world, companies need a cybersecurity professional with the laser focus to evaluate and mitigate their increasing risk. It takes discipline to maintain vigilance against cybercriminals. Leaders in cybersecurity don’t take their eye off the ball because they know that hackers are working around the clock and their organization is a target.

#3 Mission Driven

A sense of duty and commitment are fuel for success in cybersecurity. Those that excel in this field have a genuine desire to help people and to protect the interests of their organization.

#4 Understands the big picture and the details

Leaders in the cybersecurity field must have the intelligence and insight to analyze and communicate risk at both the micro and macro levels. The ability to communicate across multiple disciplines, coordinate risk measures, and respond to attack, requires someone with a balanced approach and flexible mindset.

This cybersecurity profession suits someone who naturally takes a well-rounded approach to problems, never losing sight of the big picture or the details. When it comes to managing threats, everything counts and must be considered.

#5 Humility

The best cybersecurity people don’t crave the spotlight and seek drama or attention. They know how to fly under the radar just like the cybercriminals do. They are low key in their attitude and approach and not the type of person to overshare or compromise sensitive information.

#6 Trustworthy

Fighting threats requires cooperation between multiple colleagues and departments, cybersecurity agents must have a reputation within the organization as someone who is trustworthy and reliable in order to coordinate efforts when under attack and understand and mitigate risks across complex and diverse corporate operations.

The right education, starting with CompTIA security+ certification tells people you can back up your knowledge with proven credentials. An education that meets trusted global standards is a critical part of cultivating trust with current and future employers.

#7 Scientific & Strategic

A sharp mind that values evidence-based decision-making is a key character trait for a cybersecurity professional. Employers want someone who is ready to solve problems using data and analytic skills.

Individuals with the technical training and skills to respond to increasingly sophisticated attacks are the ones best suited to advance in cybersecurity.

#8 Protective

Some people have an innate protective instinct. This is very useful in cybersecurity where consequences for failure can be extreme. This is a business where you can’t let your guard down and the risks are constantly evolving.

#9 Cool under Pressure

The best cybersecurity agents balance a sense of urgency with the ability to remain composed in a crisis. A cool head is required not only to manage ongoing risk or make smart decisions when under attack, but also to communicate within the organizations and set the tone for the corporate response. Intense emotions or dramatic reactions are counterproductive.

#10 Up-to-date in the latest tools and technology

Training through one of the most well-known organizations providing certification courses in Cybersecurity tells employers that you are at the top of your field. CompTIA, a professional tech association, sets industry standards for IT specialists.

Credentials including CompTIA Security+ certification prove to employers that you understand the possible threats and attacks and know the tools and techniques of defence that can protect their organization now and in the future.

With cyberattacks increasing worldwide, organizations rely on their cybersecurity professionals as the gatekeepers for corporate assets, data, information, and reputation. Employers need people they can trust to defend and protect the organization in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

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