Top 5 Ethical Hacking Certifications

By : Richa Dev July 10, 2020

ethical hacking

Certified ethical hackers are cybersecurity professionals who use the techniques used by ‘hacker-bots’ in penetrating systems and hammering the weakest links in an online framework.

Unlike other related accreditations, an ethical hacking course involves legally-sanctioned activities like penetration and intrusion testing that are aimed at finding vulnerabilities the company needs to fix.

While there are several types of hackers, professionals with a CEHV10 certification are in high demand owing to the exponential rise in cybersecurity incidents. Besides, there is an enormous gap between the demand of professionals and available experts – which is probably the top reason this course has lucratively competitive salaries.

In 2019 alone, the first two quarters saw over 3,800 publicly-declared hacks and over 4.1 billion files exposed. These statistics represented an increase in reported breaches and compromised information by over 51% within the same period in 2018. At the same time, companies admitted that 60% of breaches emanated from human error, pointing to the rising need for Certified ethical hackers.

In this era where technology advances rapidly, the following certified ethical hacker certifications bring a better understanding of the risks associated with organizations holistically.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

CEH is one of the most popular and broadest of ethical hacking certifications. 

It is designed to evaluate a professional’s baseline knowledge of imminent threats, risks, and preventive measures through boot camps and lectures.

As one of the fundamental programs for you to be eligible to be hired by a company, you’ll need to sit and pass an exam after going through the lectures and hands-on labs. Alternatively, you may submit proof of a minimum of two years of cybersecurity experience to sit the paper without training. 

One of the top benefits of this certified ethical hacker certification is flexibility. Since the EC-council manages it, you’ll have the option to attend instructor-led tutorials, online lectures, and self-study tutorials. 

Savvy companies proactively protect their valuable information by engaging CEHV10 professionals who use highly sophisticated techniques to beat hackers at their own game – often referred to as ‘white hats.’ For this reason, being a certified ethical hacker would tremendously increase your odds of getting a competitive job.

CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional

This accreditation is an advanced-level certification for professionals who want to pursue an uninterrupted cybersecurity career.

Offered by (ISC)2, CISSP is a vendor-neutral certification that is recognized across the globe for its significant standards of excellence. 

A certified ethical hacker with this certification possesses the expertise to build, guide, and manage security standards as well as policies within their companies.

To get this certification, you’ll need at least five years of experience in at least 2 of the eight common security domains offered by (ISC)2 to qualify to sit the exam. After passing the exam, you’ll choose to specialize in either of the three CISSP domains: Architecture, Management, or Engineering. 

As one of the most sought after cybersecurity accreditations, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy incredible perks, including an uninterrupted career and competitive salaries.

CompTIA Security+

While the security+ is an entry-level accreditation, it epitomizes your possession of superior technical skills, advanced knowledge, and cutting-edge skills in several cybersecurity disciplines.

Having this credential means you are well-versed with threat management, cryptography, identity management, network access and control, security risks, and network access control.

Besides, it meets the standards of ISO 17024 and is also approved by the US DoD 8140 requirements, which makes it a highly-recognized and respected security credential across the globe.

Certified Information Systems Auditor

The certified information systems auditor (CISA) is a gem for IT professionals seeking to have a solid grasp in areas around information security, assurance, and audit control. 

To earn this accreditation, you must pass one exam, complete the application, agree to a professional code of ethics, continuing education requirements, and the company’s system auditing standards. Besides, you should have at least a year of working with information systems. 

With the CISA certification, you’ll identify and assess a company’s vulnerabilities and threats, provide guidance and organizational security controls coupled with a mammoth of CISA job practice skills. 

Cloud Security Certification (CCSP)

Cloud computing is an IT technology paradigm that gives businesses an online infrastructure without lots of investment. 

Despite the immense popularity and advantages of cloud security, most enterprises hesitate to use it because of the associated security drawbacks. 

With the prevalent security issues that hinder the advancement of cloud computing, the CCSP certification came onto the scene to address these challenges.

Created by (ISC)2 and the CSA, this accreditation would equip you with hands-on skills and a solid knowledge of the design, operation, and implementation of cloud computing today.


The absence of a global framework that governs cybercrime contributes to high unpredictability in this landscape. 

In this decade, state-sponsored cyberattacks aimed at stealing confidential information, influence global decisions motivates hackers to use strategies that make them on top of everyone else. 

From rogue DDoS attacks to misinformation and theft of industrial and political information, companies never know how funded, tenacious, and capable a threat is.

Since the ethical hacking course is a fundamental key to solidifying network security, it’s one of the top accreditations in a cybersecurity field that would open several doors for you.

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