What doors does CISSP open for you?

By : Richa Dev July 3, 2020


Cybercrime has escalated tremendously to the extent that no enterprise is completely foolproof of attack.

Whether it’s the company’s sensitive data or customer information, a data breach could have devastating effects.

With Billions being lost each year due to cybercrime, attackers are continually targeting the internet’s weakest links, consequently making organizations look for practical solutions.

Neatsun Ziv, an Israeli Researcher, claims that more than 150 hackers breach security systems and make more than $100,000 each weak. Ever since cybercrime came onto the scene, the main principle behind detection and prevention has been planting adequate armour to make it incredibly hard for hackers to drill the system – The Rhinoceros approach.

As one of the most credible and enviable certifications, CISSP training involves a grueling process and an exam you need to pass before getting the accreditation.

Despite the immense exertion, the accreditation would certainly be worthwhile. Below are some highlights of the impeccable benefits of earning this certification.

It shapes your career path

According to CyberSeek, over 83% of cybersecurity professionals are searching for accredited personnel to join their team. At the same time, hardly 30% of these companies have enough confidence in the efficacy of their existential staff – slightly above 42% believe their teams can only detect small breaches.

Philip Collins, the IT manager of Delta Plastics, narrates how he finally got into IT security with a CISSP certification. 

Before 2010, Collins was a senior IT director and had more than 15 years of experience in this field. While his achievements were quite remarkable, he hadn’t explored his potential to the fullest. 

With the urge to prove that he had what it takes to be a cybersecurity professional, Collins took a certified information systems security professional course.

Unsurprisingly, he achieved much more than he expected and ended up achieving his long-term goal by shaping his career path.

Several workforce studies show that the demand for CISSP certified professionals is significantly higher than accredited persons. 

Overall, having a CISSP training would undoubtedly boost your career prospects.

Maximize your earning potential

The CISSP certification has long been perceived as an epitome of a solid-grasp of core cybersecurity principles and a strong code of ethics.

Depending on location, job title, and years of experience, CISSP professionals earn an average annual salary of $130,000 – 25% more than that of non-certified persons and notably 7% higher than that of similar designations. 

While monetary value isn’t a practical element to consider in this niche, it certainly impacts daily operations and is a bottom line for financial freedom.

Across the globe, employers in the private and public sectors attach immense weight to CISSP certification holders. In broad terms, government agencies and employers have widened the scope of job opportunities, which in turn, has helped credential holders maximize their earning potential.

You’ll understand every aspect of the cybersecurity sphere

Comprehending all aspects of cybersecurity and merely having the certification added to your CV are two entirely different things.

As a certification that covers all essential elements of the field – from security and risk handling to ideal network security and communication testing, having CISSP training ensures you are well-versed with all aspects needed to combat cyber threats.

Over the years, there’s been a massive investment in technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Security to complement the war against cyberattacks.

With these emerging innovations, the careers of some cybersecurity professionals might be at risk – but certainly not CISSPs.

As a certified information systems security professional, you’ll prove that you have what it takes to make enterprise-level decisions, implement best-security practices while considering long-term business impacts, and understand all imminent threats.

Understanding every aspect of this landscape would undoubtedly make you irreplaceable in such a dynamic field.

Global recognition

A CISSP certification is a product of years behind research, considering it meets the ISO 17024 standards.

Several corporate companies like Google, IBM, and Apple respect professionals with CISSP training and often hunt for them because they consider the experts as people possessing the knowledge, skills, and commitment for any cybersecurity position.

A recent report by the (ISC)² documented that more than 140,000 professionals have the CISSP certification, and it spans in more than 170 countries worldwide. 

Besides, having this certification means you’ll become a member of (ISC)² – The world’s largest professional cybersecurity body. Among the numerous perks of being an (ISC)² member is attending technical webinars, and securing summits around the globe to discuss crucial areas of development in the cyberspace.


The CISSP certification has consistently ranked top 10 in the technological certifications around the globe.

In the few coming years, the demand for CISSP professionals would be at its peak, and if you’re looking to shape an independent career, having CISSP training would undoubtedly work to your leverage.

Companies are continually looking for ways to seal all security loopholes and counter any imminent threat posed by cybercriminals, which makes CISSP personnel one of the most hunted professionals.

While it takes lots of time and a significant investment to complete a certified information systems security professional course, the benefits are breathtakingly worth it.

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