Who should take Certified Information Systems Security Professional Course?

By : techNoEdge January 22, 2020

CISSP Course

What does the future hold for you?

If you’re like the average person you make a plan and adjust according to the conflicts that might (or might not if you have the perfect plan) arise in your day-to-day life. Everyday life consists of small celebrations with family and friends over the normal things – birthdays, weddings and going to your 9-5 job. You are benefit-rich with two weeks paid vacation and statutory holidays each year. It’s a great life but is this how you wish to spend your remaining days? TBD.

Close your eyes and imagine – for just one minute – that your plan includes mapping out your career and specifically a plan to take the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Course. As you continuing reading we know you have further identified yourself to be amongst the elite population of problem solvers in the Information Systems (IS) community. Your career goals no doubt are lofty.

Whether simple, complicated, complex or downright chaotic, being an IS security solution provider and obtaining the CISSP certification will rank you amongst the top in the world.

As of January 1, 2020, and according to the world’s leading professional organization (ISC)², whose membership consists of more than 140,000 certified members, you would join the exclusive count of professionals in the world.

Out of the 142,112 listed CISSP certified, Canada’s membership ranks 3rd with 5,899 members only behind the United States (90,514) and United Kingdom (7,562). Other countries represented behind the top tier members include: China (2870), India (2506), Japan (2566), Republic of Korea (2,744), Germany (2,429) and Singapore (2,191). Without question, your CISSP certification would place you a cut above the rest in your profession.

It is totally fine if bragging rights for membership in an exclusive club is what you want but if accolades are not what you are after, and advancing your education or helping others solve the very real and challenging concerns they have with IS systems today is, then carrying on your studies with the CISSP curriculum is your next course – every pun intended – of action.

Much like a medical school student who is working, studying and taking exams, CISSP candidates are in constant motion. Always proving your worth, or weight in gold, you are honour-bound and dutiful securities systems experts interested in helping to safeguard others from whatever evil lurks beyond what the eye can see.

While you may already be working as a security analyst, auditor, consultant, manager, systems engineer or the many other related fields, the CISSP course curriculum will open the doors to more expert knowledge, higher remuneration and exciting job opportunities.

What will you learn from taking CISSP courses?

There are eight domains in the CISSP course curriculum. They are as follows:

– Security and Risk Management
– Asset Security
– Security Architecture and Engineering
– Communications and Network Security
– Identity and Access Management
– Security Assessment and Testing
– Security Operations
– Software Development Security

Before you even think about enrolling in the CISSP course or test, you need to prepare. A critical part for both taking the exam and the certification process also includes your work experience.

We know you are the crème de la crème in your field and you did not get there without preparation. Learning concepts and studying exam material (both CISSP domain material covered in the materials and judgment/scenario questions [best/most/least options]) will help prepare you for the test. Clearly devising your own strategy for the optimum time to take the exam will also assist in your ability to pass the test.

An overwhelmingly wonderful outcome from taking the CISSP course is your development as a more competent IS professional. Furthermore, you will be positioned well to sit and pass the CISSP certification.

Alas, preparing for the test – which is management v. technical – will be the easy part.

It is definitely a gruelling material rich exam. While highly discouraged, you could certainly take the test without any work experience, but then you’ll have only 6 years to complete 5 years of industry-specific employment experience. Adding insult to injury, you could pass the test with flying colours but not be able to use the CISSP designation until you have met all requirements. Where would the fun in that be?

Since you are probably not in the minority and already working in the field, why not take the test? Okay – it’s a six-hour-long test with multiple-choice and innovative questions – but you only need a minimum score of 700/1000 passing grade. Passing rates are not publicly released so your best odds for passing are to study hard. The mere thought of studying may sound daunting but try and come up with a reason why this certification won’t help you in your career. It certainly would be challenging to do.

What happens next?

You’ve studied until your brains scream – enough! You are ready to pay your fees and seat yourself for the test. While you plan to pass the test on the first try you can breathe easier knowing you have up to three attempts within a calendar year for re-takes. Once you pass the exam re-takes are not allowed. Darn, right?

Don’t fret though your three-year certification maintenance has a few requirements. You must obtain 120 continuing professional education (CPE) credits and pay an annual maintenance fee. Not to worry though because you will be earning more bucks.

Welcome to the Club!

You’ve passed the test and are part of the exclusive CISSP certification club. While it may seem like forever, your CISSP endorsement process only takes six weeks. Clearly defined as tops in your field, with your improved management and security skills you have opened your world for increased compensation and growth in your field and endless possibilities to use your expertise in new ways.

Your self-motivation to stay ahead in the game will serve you well as you leverage the power of your CISSP certification. Hail to you Sir Chief IS Officer.

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