Why a Career in Cybersecurity? Why Study Online?

By : Richa Dev May 29, 2020

career in cybersecurity

In today’s society many companies have digital systems where they offer products and services through online orders. These digital systems are vulnerable to viruses and malware therefore businesses need professionals to assist with their online security. 

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest expanding fields in Canada’s tech industry right now and there is a massive demand for trained & skilled candidates. This is only one reason why people should consider cybersecurity as a profession. 

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing why you should take up a career in cybersecurity and why e-learning will be highly beneficial to you. Keep reading to find out more. 

Why a Career in Cybersecurity?

In this first section we’ll go through top reasons why people select cybersecurity as a career choice. Perhaps you’ll find information that will assist you in your career decision in the digital world. 

We Live in a Digital Era 

Society is now in the digital era and virtual technology is only going to expand in the future. More companies require the assistance of experts in the industry to assist with keeping all their data secure. 

In February 2020 it was reported that over 28 million Canadians were affected by data breaches. 58% of these breaches were because of unauthorized access to their systems. That’s why businesses need trained individuals to assist in protecting their sensitive data from hackers. 

You Can Work For Any Industry

Since we live in a digital era work in most industries is done on computers. As mentioned before, these computers are vulnerable to online attacks so businesses need cybersecurity technicians to safeguard their information. 

The industries that require extensive online security are the following: 

  • Online banking
  • E-commerce businesses 
  • E-learning programs 
  • Logistics industry 
  • Transportation industry 
  • Construction industry

Virtually any business that works on a digital device will need online security. That’s where you come in. You can assist these companies in keeping their data protected. All you need is the correct certification. 

Cybersecurity Technicians Are In High Demand 

Cyber attacks on Canadian companies are becoming more frequent. Businesses around Canada feel like they’re losing the war against online hackers. They need to protect their staffs’ data as well as their clients' information. 

These breaches are extremely detrimental to a business because they can access clients’ banking details and personal indormation What’s more is that because of these attacks, companies are in desperate need of experts in cybersecurity to assist them. 

In 2019 there was a report from Policy Options that there is a critical shortage of cybersecurity experts in Canada. There are thousands of job openings simply waiting to be filled by trained individuals. 

Cybersecurity is Always Changing 

One advantage of being in the cybersecurity industry is that you’ll never get bored. Since digital technology is always changing you get to utilize your expertise to solve problems and adapt to the advancements. 

Why Study Cybersecurity Online?

So now that you know there is a demand for experts in the cyber industry how should you go about earning your qualifications? E-learning is the way of the future and it can be highly beneficial to you. Read this next section to find out why you should study your cybersecurity course online. 

Study in the Comfort of Your Own Home

If you stay a significant distance away from colleges in Canada it can be difficult to travel to educational facilities to study. Online courses allow you to prepare for your examinations in the comfort of your own home. 

Studying online also allows you to complete your courses no matter where you are in Canada and you can learn part-time.  

You are Trained by Industry Professionals 

Your courses are structured by professionals in the industry so you’re guaranteed a quality education in cybersecurity. Online tutors are highly knowledgeable and will ensure you complete all your online cybersecurity courses successfully. 

Immediate Assistance 

Quality learning is about optimal communication. It’s important that you receive immediate assistance when you’re struggling with your studies. Your tutors will always be there to assist you with any questions you have about the course you’re working on. 

Study Material is Easy to Access 

E-learning is completely different to distance learning because you don’t have to wait for your study material to arrive in the post. Modules, worksheets and study preparations can all be accessed immediately & easily on your profile. 

Being able to access your study material effortlessly saves you a lot of time and stress so online learning is, without a doubt, the ideal platform to learn cybersecurity. 

You Earn Industry Recognized Certification

To get hired as a cybersecurity technician in Canada you must prove that you are a qualified candidate. Taking your online courses through a reputable institution such as TechnoEdge Learning, you can earn industry-recognized certifications. 

Final Thoughts 

Do you want to be a cybersecurity technician? Study courses from anywhere in Canada through TechnoEdge Learning. If you want a quick way of learning and completing your studies, TechnoEdge can help you get there. Become part of Canada’s growing cybersecurity industry by becoming an expert in the field. 

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