Why Cybersecurity is a Great Choice for an Exciting Career

By : TechnoEdge Learning September 21, 2020

You might be considering a career in cybersecurity because of the incredibly high salaries, overwhelming benefits and a seamless provision of job opportunities. While these benefits are typical of a cybersecurity career, there are other intrinsic advantages of working as a certified information systems security professional. Several private companies appreciate the imminent risk of online databases and understand that there is a need for professionals with certified ethical hacker certification. According to Steve Morgan, the President of Cybersecurity Ventures, the damage caused by cybercriminals will cost over 6 trillion dollars by 2021. Besides, the spending to mitigate this threat will go slightly over $1 trillion. In addition to the countless reasons a certification in cybersecurity is worth every investment, no company will want to run losses in the order of trillions of dollars. Cybersecurity threats have proliferated the online landscape and there is a massive gap between the number of highly qualified workers and CEHV10 professionals. Below are the top reasons a cybersecurity career is worth every investment.

Job security

A certification in cybersecurity is the equivalent of job security. At a glance, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing at a pace slightly over 3 times the ICT market and over 12 times the average industry pace. CyberSeek documents that in North America alone, there are currently more than 285,000 cybersecurity job openings and over 740,000 professionals in the market. This employment deficit rose to 1.5 million as of 2019 and is expected to reach 1.8 million by 2022. As many as you would expect, financial firms, IT companies, consulting firms and government organizations top the list of hiring organizations. The cybersecurity job market is a hot topic for most organizations, especially those that implement cloud storage. As if that’s not enough, organizations with adequate staff are “struggling” to maintain their employees amidst offers from multiple companies with salary increments going over 30%. This trend may seem like a worry for current employers, but it’s certainly good news for cybersecurity professionals with CISSP training.

Above-average earning potential

No doubt, the gap between the demand for cybersecurity professionals and qualified personnel is incredibly huge. According to the ISACA report, more than 25% of organizations in North America have been unable to fill all their cybersecurity positions. Owing to this shortage, cybersecurity professionals are among the most highly paid, with a salary premium of close to 10%. Companies that rely on cloud storage have to make security their top priority, which means hiring the best CISSP certification professionals for the top-dollar job will guarantee their online safety. According to the BLS, the remuneration for a cybersecurity professional in North America is over $90,000, and that of a professional with an ethical hacking course is approximately $120,000 annually. While salary potential is not a metric for evaluating competence, the level of compensation adds to the exciting and motivating factor to the job, which enhances performance.

Remote nature of work

In an interview with Matt Day, a cybersecurity professional disclosed that they could confidently get a job in any location in North America. Conventionally, the job dictates the location of a cybersecurity professional – the job comes first and the location is the aftermath. However, the demand for cybersecurity professionals means that if you have the right skills, you can completely flip this trend. In other words, you can choose a place that perfectly suits you and your family, settle there then start looking for a job. Besides, cybersecurity cultures vary a lot since you can either go to the office every day or choose an environment that suits your preferences. Cybersecurity keeps on evolving at a pace faster than the tech world average and new roles will continually emerge. This means that you can work for the government with all the benefits that entail a conventional private sector job, or choose a position within the private sector.

Networking opportunities

Networking is a crucial factor for anyone looking to make the most out of their career. Various workforce studies show that the job market for cybersecurity professionals is growing much faster than the industry average for other professions. What these metrics mean to CISSP professionals is that they will be connected with groups of like-minded people with similar interests and expertise. With a cybersecurity accreditation, the connections you’ll build will offer incredible insight and diversity of knowledge to help you advance in your cybersecurity career.


The (ISC)recently carried out a poll that revealed that the job satisfaction of cybersecurity professionals is over 70%. Professionals in this niche take pride that they encounter various challenges and have to overcome all brick walls to build a secure framework for everyone. Besides, pursuing a cybersecurity career will not only yield enormous success in your career, but also build your ethical, networking and leadership skills. Overall, if you want to achieve a work-life balance, pursuing a cybersecurity profession will be a viable route towards this goal.

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