The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

By : TechnoEdge Learning September 27, 2021

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence
Written by Marla Ovenden-Cooper

Artificial intelligence, once the theme of sci-fi movies, is now part of our everyday lives. Unlike the sinister portrayal of AI in the movies, AI is used in everyday life for even some of our most simplest of activities. If you are using navigation systems, automated chat boxes online or digital voice assistants, you are using AI. Even accessing what many call their most valuable possession, their smartphone often relies on AI for tasks such as using facial recognition to authorize access.

What was once thought of as something that only impacts the IT industry, AI is now impacting almost every industry from healthcare and finance to education. Of course, we have all heard that AI will disrupt the workplace and it will replace many jobs. In fact, AI has been replacing jobs for years, but it has also been providing jobs. Those who choose to learn even the basics of AI will find that they will have career benefits as a result.

How to Get Involved

Individuals who have or aspire to job roles such as software engineers, developers, software analysts, research scientists and those in information security or cybersecurity will benefit from becoming knowledgeable in artificial intelligence. One of the best places to learn about AI, gain valuable skills and get credentials that you can use on a resume is through online IT training courses. An online, self-paced training course such as the Arcitura Certified AI Specialist Course is ideal for individuals who are looking to upskill and gain knowledge that can be applied directly in the work environment. The Certified AI Specialist course begins by providing foundational knowledge about the primary parts of AI including learning approaches and the functional areas that AI systems are used for.

For example, neural networks are one of the most important concepts to understand when considering entering the field of AI. The word, neural may seem familiar to you and it should. Neural networks essentially are loosely based on the neuron cells in our brain. Much like the neurons in our brain sending off signals to one and other. The neural network has what is called a node that acts as a neuron in the human brain.  Of course, this is an oversimplified way to describe the neural network. If one is interested in learning about AI and how the neural network is used, the certified AI Specialist course by Arcitura provides detailed information on neural networks, including how they exist, how they work and how they can be used to process information.  It dives deep into neural networks covering how to design and optimize neural networks.

The Arcitura AI Specialist course offered by TechnoEdge Learning is intended to allow students to learn in the way that works best for them and to be flexible enough to allow students to learn at their own pace. The course includes a 12-month access to all of the digital course materials and provides a curriculum that works for all types of learners. There are video lessons, workbooks, posters, flashcards, sample questions and even an exam preparation guide. Once the course is completed the learner takes the Artificial Intelligence Specialist Certification (AI90.01), which can be taken online through the Pearson Vue.

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