Top Cybersecurity Podcasts

By : TechnoEdge Learning October 15, 2021

Top Cybersecurity Podcasts
Written by Marla Ovenden-Cooper

You have decided to get into cybersecurity. Perhaps you are taking a cybersecurity course, and once that happens, you may find yourself yearning for more information. However, you can’t always be online doing an IT training course or studying for cybersecurity certifications. After all, there will be times where you are driving in your car and just having some downtime. However, that does not mean you still can’t do a little learning and educate yourself about what is going on in the cyber industry during this time. Podcasts are a great way to immerse yourself in the industry and stay up to date on the most recent happenings, which will absolutely help you when you go out into the field. At TechnoEdge Learning, we have compiled a list of our favourite cybersecurity podcasts to get you started.

  1. Darknet Diaries positions itself as a podcast that provides “true stories from the dark side of the Internet.” Created by cybersecurity expert Jack Rhysider this podcast was launched in 2017.  It is one of our top picks because of the entertainment value. Although the podcast is entertaining it does not embellish and is intended to provide education. A bonus is that although Jack is an expert, his podcasts are easy to understand for the beginner in cybersecurity. Darknet Diaries has 102 episodes, 67.6k followers on Twitter and won a Shorty Award for Best Podcast in April of 2020. We suggest: Episode 6: The Beirut Bank Job.
  2. Smashing Security podcast with hosts Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault is one of our favourite podcasts because it lives up to its claim that it is a “helpful and hilarious take on the week’s tech SNAFUs”. The combination of Graham and Carole and their banter is one that we think makes this podcast stand out. We have to say that we love having a woman’s voice in cybersecurity. Both Carole and Graham are well-known voices in cybersecurity and they find a way to bring serious security issues to the public, all with a sense of humour and lightheartedness. Smashing Security has almost 250 episodes and 11.7K followers on Twitter.  We recommend Episode 246: Facebook has Fallen.
  3. The CyberWire Daily Podcast was launched in 2015. It is hosted by Dave Bittner, founder of Cyberwire. This podcast is unique in that it is run by a news service, which means it is based on current news. Since it is based on news it provides shorter podcasts daily Monday – Friday, which range from 10-40 minutes. Although this podcast has less of an entertainment element, it is a valuable podcast for anyone wanting to keep up to date on recent events.  Cyberwire has over 1000 episodes and 34.5K followers on Twitter.  You can check out their daily podcast
  4. Malicious Life by Cybereason is a great addition to any list of cybersecurity podcasts. We love that these podcasts look at the “unknown stories of the history of cybersecurity.” Anyone getting into cybersecurity should know the history behind it, and this podcast presents this history along with input from real hackers, security experts, journalists and politicians. Malicious Life has 18K followers on Twitter and over 130 episodes. We recommend one of the first episodes hosted by Ran Levi with special guest Stephen Cobb: Season 1, episode 3 Spam Empire.
  5. Daniel Miessler’s podcast Unsupervised Learning rounds out our suggestions for top cybersecurity podcasts. Daniel Miessler is an expert in infosec and is known throughout the world. Not unlike Cyberwire, this podcast focuses primarily on recent events. It is different though in that Daniel does one episode per week that condenses 5-20 hours of reading analysis and presents it to the listener in a 15 minute podcast. This podcast stands out because there is an emphasis on what is currently happening and to prepare the listener for the future Daniel Miessler has produced over 300 episodes and has 117.9K followers on Twitter. We recommend checking out the most recent episode

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